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DAVIS & LANGDALE COMPANY was established in 1952 by Roy Davis (1922 - 2014), who remained a principal until 2014, more than 50 years later. It functioned as Davis Galleries from 1952 until 1973; as Davis & Long Company from 1973 until 1980; and as Davis & Langdale Company with Cecily Langdale from 1980.

Housed in a 1870s brownstone, DAVIS & LANGDALE COMPANY deals in American art of the 19th and 20th centuries; British art of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries; vintage photography; and contemporary art. Areas of particular specialization include Bloomsbury and modern British art; and the artists Gwen John, Maurice Prendergast, Charles Prendergast, Wilson Bentley, Albert York, and Charles Jones.


William Merritt Chase, 1959 
Stanford White Works on Paper, 1963
Gwen John, 1965; first exhibition in America
Edward Lear, 1966
Thomas Rowlandson, 1967
Robert Bevan, 1968; first exhibition in America
Duncan Grant, 1975; first exhibition in America
Masterpieces from the Brooklyn Museum, 1976; loan exhibition
Vorticism and Abstract Art in the First Machine Age, 1977; first exhibition in America
Leon Bakst, 1977
Maurice Prendergast: Art of Impulse and Color, 1977; loan exhibition organized by University of Maryland
Lucian Freud Recent Paintings, 1978; first exhibition in America
Maurice Prendergast Monotypes: A Loan Exhibition, 1979
Vanessa Bell, 1980; first exhibition in America
Thomas Gainsborough Drawings: A Loan Exhibition, 1987
Spencer Frederick Gore, 1990; first exhibition in America
Objects from the British Arts & Crafts Movement, 1993
Richard Dadd Loan Exhibition, 1994; first exhibition in America
Charles Jones: Vintage Photographs, 2001
Wilson Bentley Snowflakes: Vintage Photomicrographs, 2004
Sheila Hicks Minimes: Small Woven Works, 2008
Albert York: A Memorial Exhibition, 2010
Sheila Hicks: Ode to Roy Davis, 2015